My Specialties

Renee can help you if you are struggling in any of the following areas:

  • Diagnosed with an illness that requires a Gluten-Free Diet
  • Newly diagnosed Celiac Disease CD, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity NCGS or another autoimmune disease 
  • Need the education to manage a Gluten-Free Lifestyle successfully
  • Meal planning – Well-rounded nutrition is essential for good health
    • Gluten-Free Recipes
    • My favorite Gluten-Free brands
    • Top 10 favorite Gluten-Free finds!
    • My daughter’s favorite Gluten-Free pizza
    • Kitchen ReVamp and ReStock
    • Pantry Clean Out and Purge
  • Decisions when Dining out – Learn what questions to ask your waiter, chef, manager
    • BEST Fast Food to accommodate Gluten-Free restrictions
    • Choosing safe dishes in restaurants 
    • Traveling Gluten-Free – navigating airports and airlines
    • Traveling overseas
    • Keeping the fun in vacations
    • Camping
  • Resource recommendations – Websites and apps


Renee can quickly help you get your life on the right track, whether you have Celiac or need to embrace the Gluten-Free Lifestyle for a different reason.  

Click the link to schedule a complimentary call:   or call 321-804-5991