How I Can Help You

There are many things to be done to improve your health.

Let’s talk about how I can help you! –

I’d love to have a phone conversation with you. We can discuss what’s going on with you and how my services can be of benefit in improving your life! This call is a quick 15 minutes to determine we are a good fit for each other. If we are, we can move forward into really getting down to work and resolving your health problems, whether they be G.I. symptoms, foggy brain, skin issues, or a plethora of other annoying poor health conditions. If working together is not in your best interest, I can refer you to a colleague. Check here of a complimentary call:

With Healing

My Integrative and Functional Nutrition training (see above diagram), taught me to expect the body to take one month to heal for each year that you’ve experienced sickness. That’s why it may take several months to a few years to finally wholly recover from having developed Celiac. In many cases the time of initial reactivity is unknown. It often takes 7-10 years to get an accurate diagnosis. (DO NOT START A GLUTEN-FREE DIET BEFORE GETTING TESTED). Check here of an in-home, accurate Celiac test:

After Celiac is finally diagnosed, it will take some time to heal your gut (small intestine). The good news is the cells lining of your gut turn over and replicate quickly, allowing quick healing. Many people feel better within a few weeks (or few days) after removing gluten from their diet.

The Gluten-Free Diet is the first place to start. 

Don’t be discouraged. You can’t expect to get all the information you need to be healed, in the first week, and feel better after a one-hour discussion with a Dietitian / Nutritionist. There are many things to learn about and consider.

It’s a little like eating an elephant; you can only take one bite at a time. Each day there is something new to learn; take one step at a time, join a support group, and keep moving forward. But yes, you can heal your gut, feel better, improve your health, and live a thoroughly adventurous life.  

The above discussed explains the philosophy behind why I only offer packages with multiple sessions.

For your convenience, I offer a secure HIPPA compliant Virtual Counseling Service to help you have the best chance at restoring your health. Virtual sessions are very convenient. You will not have to drive across town or fight with traffic to come to an office.  Once we have a working relationship, we can meet by phone as well.

The Going Gluten-Free Package –

The Basics of living a Gluten-Free life! –

Initial Assessment – 60-90 minute session, plus three 45 minutes follow-up sessions. This package is mostly an information program to get you going, living the Gluten-Free Lifestyle! Accomplished over one month with a weekly appointment schedule. It’s a great place to start. 

The Platinum Package –

Beyond Gluten-Free, this package provides a Personalized approach to healing the gut and getting to the root of nutritional issues.

This program is a personalized package, designed to help relieve and overcome problems often associated with Celiac, IBS, IBD, Colitis, and any number of other digestive issues. By identifying food triggers, nutritional deficiencies, and other lifestyle factors, you can take back control of their digestive health.

My services provide individualized care.

I start where you, assess your needs, put an action plan together, to improve your health, and live your best life!

Here are some of the things we can address:

  • Celiac testing with an in-home test kit
  • Individualized recommendations that address underlying causes of G.I. discomfort and imbalances
  • Lab recommendations to assess food sensitivities and micronutrient deficiencies 
  • Specific food plan protocol to improve digestion and health
  • Targeted nutritional supplement recommendations
  • Individualized recipe development when needed
  • Meal plan assistance
  • Dining out and vacation strategies to live a full life
  • Healthy lifestyle adaptation & support; we all need a little help
  • Stress management coaching for the craziness of life
  • Personalized lifestyle solutions and strategies to stay on track

Full Nutritional Assessment -Initial Assessment; 60-90 min. Plus seven follow-up sessions. Accomplished over six months to make real changes and get real results. This package provides adequate time to work together, needed education, troubleshooting any additional health or nutritional issues, researching answers for further food complaints, and includes your specific goals, all while giving the support you need to succeed.

The ASK Renee Sessions –

  • 60 minute ASK Renee Session
  • Note: No written follow-up plan will be provided with the ASK Renee Sessions.
  • If you schedule a full consultation and purchase a NUTRITION PACKAGE after our ASK Renee Session, the cost will be allocated to the total package price.

The Complimentary Call –

Introduction Call – (Up to 15 minutes) intended to be used by those ready to schedule a package. This call is free but is limited in my schedule. You’ll be placed on a waiting list, and I will schedule you in at the first available opening.  Check here for a complimentary call: