How I Can Help You

In my Integrative and Functional Nutrition training, I’ve been taught that you should expect your body to take a month to heal for each year that you’ve experienced sickness. That’s why it will take you several months to a few years to finally be well.  You can’t expect to get all the information you need to be healed and feel better from the usually prescribed one-hour discussion with a Dietitian / Nutritionist. 

That’s why I choose to offer packages with multiple sessions to get you to know you and your circumstances.  This gives us time to work together on your goals of health improvement.

For your convenience, I offer Virtual Counseling to help you have the best chance at restoring your health.  This is very convenient for you.  You will not have to come to an office.  I have had great results with people being able to keep their appointments and I will send you any handouts or reference information we talk about.

We can meet by phone or by use of an online-screen platform.


Packages are set up in the following ways:

Going Gluten Free

The Basics – Initial Assessment; 60-90 min. session, plus three 30 min. follow up sessions.  This package is mostly an information program to get you going, living the Gluten Free Lifestyle!  It is accomplished in one month.

Eating for Health – Beyond Gluten Free

A full nutritional assessment, review of a 3-day food record; 60-90 min. initial session, plus three follow up sessions going over diet and food recommendations. 

Healing the Gut – More Than Just Gluten Free

Full Nutritional Assessment including reviewing a 3-day food record, review of any current labs, review of Rx and supplement intake; 60-90 min. initial session, plus six follow up sessions.  This package with help guide you in taking a Functional Nutrition approach using the Five “R” Framework: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance.  It is designed to be a three-month package.


The ASK Renee Sessions are set up in the following way:

  • 60 minute ASK Renee Session
  • Note: No written follow-up plan will be provided with the ASK Renee Sessions.
  • If you schedule a full consultation and purchase a NUTRITION PACKAGE after our ASK Renee Session, the cost will be allocated to the full package price.


  • Introduction Call – (Up to 15 minutes) intended to be used by those ready to schedule a package. This call is free but is limited in my schedule. You’ll be placed on a waiting list and I will schedule you in at the first available opening.